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Course for Energy managers in building sector

Certification: mandatory training standard for law

Description of course: Course to qualify as energy manager in building sector. The course conforms to the directive on accreditation of Energy managers in the region of Emilia Romagna. Course pre-requisites: qualified technicians, individuals or partners, enrolled in the Professional Order or Professional College of skills, possessing at least on of the following skills:

  • University diploma in engineering, architecture, environmental sciences,
  • Degree diploma in engineering, architecture, environmental sciences, 
  • Surveyor’s or industrial expert diploma;

Course criteria: Energy efficiency in buildings; Principles of energy; Roles and functions o the energy manger; Energy balance; Determination of energy rendering; Criteria for calculation according to the UNI TS 11300 standard; Construction project solutions; Energy performance in a winter climate; Winter heating; Energy performance in summer; Use of energy for renewable sources and economical evaluation; Living comfort and sustainability; Practical test

Length of course: 60 hours + 12 hours of Project Work; final test. 80% obligatory attendance.

Certificate awarded: Certificate of attendance

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