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Course for operators involved with asbestos reclaiming

Asbestos: mandatory training standard for law

Description of course: Obligatory course for people in company responsible for asbestos reclaim operations.

Course criteria: Legislation in force on asbestos: from community directives to the regional laws. Asbestos reclaim techniques permitted by law on 6th September 1994; pros and cons of the three techniques: encapsulation, confinement and removal. Joining disposal register. Modalities for presentation of plans at the Vigilance Department. Review of products on the market and their use in reclaim. Characteristics of materials, places of concern; diffusion of asbestos; widespread pollution and recognition of material, laboratory tests. Medical aspects regarding the prevention of asbestos risks. Health protocol. Role of doctor in authority General safety problems regarding the asbestos reclaim work site: in shingles, in narrow places, on facades. Main general risks of work sites associated to asbestos risks. Individual protection devices and collective protection devices present on work site.

Length of Course: 30 hours

Certificate awarded: Certificate of attendance.

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